Power Words

It might be the #1 business mistake in the world & it happens each and every day!

Those who offer some of the most exciting businesses opportunities available today open their mouths to explain/present them and mumble their way through it or, worse, practice verbal diarrhea. Any chance of success is gone “nearly instantly”.

It’s a shame.

If you want to be a success or a bigger success, you need to practice what to say. And, if you are smart enough to believe that, what follows may be the best advice you ever hear. You can:

  1.   Try to learn what to say by employing the “trial and error method”, or;
  2.   Learn ‘proven words’.

Having gone both routes, we at partnership INchange™ can tell you that ‘proven words’ are better. They have been tested, they have power, and that is why we affectionately call them “Power Words“.

However, if you put that ‘handle’ aside for a second, you have to make a choice. You can try and prove your own way of saying what needs to be said to prospects or just use what is already proven.

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